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Stanislaus County Business Grant Program

The business revitalization and economic development support funding allocated through the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) is an investment strategy in local businesses and non-profit organizations intended to stabilize the small business economy and secure the ongoing operation of non-profit services critical to community support and economic recovery in Stanislaus County.

On July 14, 2020, the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors approved $10 million in CARES Act CRF for the Stanislaus County Business Grant Program.

Program Eligibility

The Stanislaus County Business Grant Program funds will be allocated to eligible and qualified businesses based on weighted program criteria. Applications and supporting documentation will need to be submitted for review and approval. Navigation services or technical support will be available through Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and other partners that provide support to those eligible businesses needing assistance in completing the application process by the specified deadline.

All grants will be awarded based on weighted program criteria in the following areas: (1) prior business health, (2) COVID-19 impact, and (3) business planning/impact.

To demonstrate eligibility, businesses must meet the following requirements: Must be a for-profit, independently owned business geographically located within the borders of Stanislaus County.

Must possess a current city, county, or state license or permit to operate.

Must provide documentation proving at least 12 consecutive months of operation. Businesses not in existence for 12 months can request an exception but will be required to submit additional financial information to demonstrate viability.

At least 50% of the available funds are for small businesses that employed up to 50 full-time employees (FTE) for 12 months prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Maximum grant funding amount of $25,000

Medium/large businesses that employed >50 full-time employees for 12 months prior to the COVID-19 pandemic are also eligible. Maximum grant funding amount of $50,000

Must not have engaged in any illegal activity per local, state, or federal regulations, with federal regulations taking precedence over local or state regulations.

Funds shall be used for operational needs such as payroll, lease/mortgage payments, materials, supplies, and services.

The following businesses will not be considered eligible under guidelines of this program: lending and investment institutions, insurance companies, and corporate-owned national chain business/stores.

The application period is open on Friday, July 31, 2020 at 8:00AM PDT and scheduled to close on Friday, August 28, 2020 at 5:00PM PDT.

Applicant Contact Information

Supporting Documentation

Demographic information is collected for statistical purposes only, and will be used to determine the demographic representation of the disbursement of funds. Individual responses will be kept confidential in a secure database. Data will be published in an aggregated format only. Providing demographic information is optional and not required for program/award consideration. None of the demographic information collected will be utilized in the program application review, approval or denial process.

What is your preferred spoken language?
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Business Contact Information

Is the business part of a corporate-owned national chain or franchise? If Yes, please indicate below:
Is the business current on all State of California tax obligations?
Is this license Current and Valid?
Has the Business Filed for Bankruptcy Within the Past 3 years?

COVID-19 Impact on Business

Use of Business Grant Program

Supporting Documentation

Applicants will be required to submit, at minimum, the following documentation to provide proof of business losses.  Documents will be submitted electronically via secure file upload at the end of the online application. 

Copy of Valid Business License  Proof of Liability Insurance  Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance  2019 P&L, Balance Sheet, CPA Documents, or Other Financial Records showing proof of business revenue  2020 P&L, Balance Sheet, CPA Documents, or Other Financial Records showing proof of business revenue  2019 Payroll documentation (IRS Form 941)  2020 Payroll documentation (IRS Form 941)  Copies of current utility bills  Copies of current lease/mortgage 

Additional documentation listed below may be required to verify the application. 

Copy of WARN (if applicable)  Tax returns – IRS Form 4506T (signed)  Schedule of Payables  Cash Flow Statements  Debt Schedules Any additional documentation needed to support the application 

File Upload

  • Allowed Types

    Certification by Authorized Business Representative:

    NOTE: Please see and sign the below to complete your Application

    APPLICANT CONFIRMATION: I hereby certify that I am an authorized representative of the business Named above, with the authority to commit the business to legally binding contracts and agreements. I further certify that the information given as part of and attached to this application is true and accurate. I am aware that any false information or intended omissions may subject me to civil or criminal penalties for filing of false public records, and/or forfeiture of any funds approved through this program. This application does not constitute a contractual agreement. If any portion of the application is approved, a formal agreement between parties will be executed to obligate funds for the approved expenditures. Activities may not start prior to the effective date of the agreement.